Our Mission is to be a local alternative to our community’s current food supply system.

We want to support the growth of the West Georgia food economy and create a culture shift to bring local farming back into our community.


  • The Lat. 33° East Food Hub initiative is focused on rural communities here in the South that have the potential to reinvigorate their economy by re-focusing on their lost resource – the farms!
  • Increase market access for local farmers
  • Complement and add value to current food distribution
  • Have a significant economic, social, and environmental impacts within the community
  • Greater access to local products for consumers, including those underserved areas where there is lack of healthy, fresh food
  • Provide assistance to producers in such areas as production planning, season extension, sustainable production practices, food safety, and post-harvest handling
  • What do our farmers do? Well, here it is better than we can say it:
    Paul Harvey ‘So God Made a Farmer Speech’ to the FFA


 Too many or too ugly?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the fresh produce market of todayUgly heart apple
demands standard sizing and unblemished product. The canned and frozen market on the other hand is not so particular. The amount that gets left out in the field to rot because it has some damage is more lost potential income when all it needs is a careful eye and a target market. Several food hubs see processing as a potential way to use “seconds,” reducing waste and increasing revenue for producers.

See what has been done in Europe to reduce the waste of the “Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables”.

canned beans
To grow enough is to grow more than you need. The Food Hub network includes commercial kitchens which serve as processing centers to preserve excess or cosmetically damaged produce. Value added products – sauces, jams and juices and even prepared meals – offer profit potential for produce that would have been lost. These products often create more profit than selling the produce fresh and can be marketed throughout the year.


Reducing Food Miles

Reducing Food Miles A plant and a mouth are separated by distance… food miles equals food dollars. Local is a matter of degree. A local food hub allows farmers to save on labor, gas, and vehicle wear and tear. The cooperation between growers, suppliers, retailers, and wholesalers through a community food hub provides consumers a wider variety on the shelves and a more efficient shopping trip.


Our Goals at Lat. 33° East

  • Streamline small farm operations, keeping the farmer’s eye on the farm
  • Healthier eating habits for customers
  • Reconnect people with their food and their community
  • Value added products – sauces, jams and juices and even prepared meals – offer off-season access to local produce and convenience to the consumer
  • Recycling packaging and compost can help reduce the amount of waste and reduce the costs for its members